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Cathedral Doves II BOM

Cathedral Doves was our FIRST Block-Of-The-Month program. Launched originally in 2015 it was a way for me to re-introduce the quilting world, in a gradual way, to working with mixed medium textiles in quilting.  The concept and the vehicle for using our BOM programs to accomplish this remains the best way I have found to help creatives explore these alternative textiles in a controlled, cautious manner. I have been asked often to reissue this pattern but stood firm on my commitment to the exclusivity of the BOM program. I knew I had only scratched the surface on Cathedral Doves. It can be expanded to fit so many different uses and can go much deeper in its' detail. I originally hoped to recreate the original quilt but the key color component of that, the wool, despite my efforts became impossible to do. So I've rebuilt the palette around a wonderful warm grey textured wool I was finally able to source. I am rebuilding the palette now. It is an upscale blend of grey and taupe with accents of rose, olive green and bronze. It lends itself so well to the add on package I'm looking at for metallic and stone beading. I can't wait to share. I'm thrilled to bring this one back;  stronger, with new components, deeper details and even better than before. 

Cathedral Doves II will use at least 25 - 40 different fabrics in the mix. It engages multiple textile groups; cotton, both contemporary and traditional, batiks, Home Decor, silks of different characters, textures and weights and wool. Oh the wool! It is used as a major component in the body of this quilt and it is in house NOW!  Wool applique, my way, an expanded optional embellishment package and the alternative settings make this program unique.  

Cathedral Doves II is a 10 month program. It will begin in March 2022 and will finish by December 2022. There is a one time Membership Fee of $25.00 and the Monthly Kit cost is $55.00, plus shipping.  Each month I will offer you a demo specific to the fabrics and techniques contained within that month's packet. I would prefer to hold this demo in person at the shop but either way it will be recorded and posted to a Closed Facebook Group page where you, as a member, can refer to it repeatedly at your leisure. Ten classes, ten patterns, ten packets of awesome fabrics to play with. 

The pieced blocks are modular, a term carried over from my architectural days. Simply put that means they build off a common dimension and lend themselves to be being reorganized in a number of ways. You will have the benefit early on of having optional settings and uses for these blocks. It is my intent to develop this and share along the way. Similarly, I would like to see this entire project expanded. More applique put into the body of the quilt, additional embellishment detail, additional applique elements and materials added into the mix. The base project will not include the materials for these adds but it will include the instruction. An optional add on component will be available for any of those who wish to expand their projects. 




Membership is limited. As of this writing, December 2021, we are about half way full! You can sign up today by going to the On Line store in our website! Go to Block-Of-The-Month, Cathedral Doves II on the website or click HERE. Signing up will hold your place TODAY! . Once you have processed your membership you will receive an email with your DOWNLOADABLE Membership Form. Complete this form and return it to us within 30 days of signing up or before we begin in March, whichever comes first.  

Registration for our 2022 BOM will begin NOW! Be sure and also sign up for our Newsletter so you won't miss an opportunity to join us for all we have planned all year!

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