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ONLY 5 Months
Begins distribution Sept 2024 thru February 2025

Welcome to our next exciting Block-Of-The Month Project. 
FOUNDATIONS is literally just that. This is a project focused on teaching you some of the very basics and building your FOUNDATION in design. Whether you are a seasoned quilter or just a beginner we will explore ways to build a project suitable for all skill levels. Build one of the projects you've seen here or build your own!

We start with fabric and color selection and yes, there is a glorious color packet of 24 fabrics that is core to this project and included in your kit costs. We START there but go way beyond when the conversation turns to the "why/how" of building a palette the BOX way.  Let's talk style, scale, contrast, value and weight.  We will work with the awesome SPRING TIME Organic Design Applique Templates from Kathy Doughty.....also included in your kit cost. Again, make the shapes Kathy intended or let's explore building your own; 38 mylar pieces are included in the set and I've been thinking of ways you can actually create your own shapes and graphics using these original templates as a base to build from...another foundation!

Techniques? Yep! Lots of them. We will explore different types of applique and piecing. You will learn about how to build elements into  your design to give you dimensional grace. 

All this and a Closed Facebook Group page where we will meet LIVE each month to review the work at hand AND to share ideas, concepts,  encouragement and excitement with each other as we journey through this project. I am very
excited! I hope you will be too. 

is a 5 month program which will begin in September 2024 and will extend through February 2025. (We've learned to skip December there are always a few too many things on everyone's plate this time of year.)  Build one of our projects or build your own! 

As a participant in this program, you will receive monthly packets. These packets will include the Nectarine Lush Velveteen background, 24 different fabrics for piecing and applique, an Organic Design Creative Applique Templates set, quilting thread, foundation paper masters (as needed) and complete instruction. You will ALSO have the benefit of monthly FREE online and in-person demo classes that we will generate as well as all our expanded concepts and insights into the project possibilities. You can choose to PICK UP or have us SHIP to you. Don't be dettered if you are not local!

Excited!? I know I am. Follow along on all our social media sites for more information or join by clicking this FOUNDATIONS LINK .


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