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San Marco 2020 BOM

San Marco is our 5th Block-Of-The-Month program and as I look back on them all I must admit that each has had its' own personality and distinct look yet they all strive to do one basic thing, build your quilting tool box. Build your box in terms of the textiles and textures you learn to work with, build your box in terms of techniques you can draw on going forward, build your box in terms of your honed skill set on even the most basic block construction. I strive to give you a project in each of the BOM projects which will excite you and expand your "maker" boundaries.

San Marco is an 11 month program, probably more appropriately it is a Section-Of-The-Month. It is a LIMITED membership program.The project is a quilt top which measures approximately 58" x 72". 

The San Marco Basilica in Venice, Italy is the inspiration of the project. Inspiration because it is not my intent to just interpret the details and mosaics of the cathedral literally into fabric. I am intrigued by the idea of taking these abundant, complex ever changing mosaic patterns and combining them , overlapping them and extracting bits of them as stand alone graphic elements.  If we can't travel to Italy we can at least be inspired by this beautiful architectural achievement from afar. If you are interested in joining us, download the San Marco Membership form here. Remember membership is limited and spaces are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. 

I do keep a just never know what might happen along the way and openings sometimes occur. Submit the form or call ...

Registration for our 2021 BOM will begin FALL 2020................I think we are going BACK to Italy for design inspiration!! Be sure and sign up for our Newsletter so that you won't miss an opportunity to join us next year!

Just a little sharing......The blocks from the March and April SECTIONs of San Marco 2020 BOM 

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