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Wednesday Website Workshop November 25!

Hello ALL!

Well, I am really not using this NEWLETTER format very well yet but I wanted to let you know I will be LIVE in the morning for our next Wednesday Website Workshop LIVE. It will be running on our Facebook page, A Different Box of Crayons. If you are concerned about Facebook in general you can access it directly from our website. Just go to the top of any page and CLICK on the "f" in the circle...that will take you directly there and no one will even know you even signed on!

TOMORROW I launch PRISM!!! Prism is our newest pattern based largely on the new Sally Kelly Solstice line by Windham Fabrics. It is lovely. We have kits and pattern for Prism, Solstice and "friends" FQ Bundles, backings and MORE! COLOR BLAST by Modern Quilt Studio will also be featured. HINT.....I have a limited number of kits and backing options on that one so try to be there for the LIVE. announcement FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders, WEBSITE and PHONE,  Nov 25  thru 30! Use the CODE BLACK FRIDAY!!


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