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Wednesday Website Workshop AND WEEK OF WONDER

Hello My Friends!

I hope you are starting to feel a bit of the holiday spirit. I know it's especially tough to get motivated this year, at least it has been for me. 
Regardless, we will try to (toy) soldier on and bring you a bit of cheer this week!!

I will be coming to you LIVE on Facebook this coming Wednesday, Dec 9 at 9:30 CST with a bit of Christmas spirit and a BLIZZARD of exciting ideas. It's not too late to find a quick project for this year or maybe just take some joy in creating for next year when we can all be together again. My focus Wednesday is all things Christmas. We even have a quick brand new project to share with nothing but Half Square Triangles and a bit of framing designed by our very own Sue Henderson!!!

You may recall, I created the Snowflake Embroidery guide last year because...I needed it. It has turned out to be a great little tool that I will be doing more and more with going forward. You know you can add this flaky detail to just about ANY holiday project. I will be doing a demo on how to "run" the MARKING GUIDE on Wednesday! So tune in! Then YOU too can LET IT SNOW!!!

Also...starting Wednesday, I will be asking you to join me for 15 MINUTES, LIVE on Facebook, EVERY day for a week, for our

                                                        HOLIDAY WEEK OF WONDER !!!!!

The elves and I have put together a few things that might help you with your last minute list whether it be for gifts to others ...or yourself! Each day I will share with you an item, or related items, and offer them to you at a discount equal to that DATE! That means that the items offered on Dec 9 will be at a 9% discount and those offered on the 17th will be at a 17% discount. Each day the discount on the new items will increase based on the day they are presented. The discount a product is offered at will not change once it is presented.

If you'd like, we can consolidate your orders and save on shipping. Just be sure and send us a note in the comments box that you would like us to do that and NOTE YOUR ORDER AS AT STORE PICK UP in the shipping section during checkout.  Then, when the week is complete, we will consolidate all your goodies and call you regarding shipping ...or pick up if that works for you. If there is an item, like a gift, that you would like to either PICK UP or SHIP ASAP you can process that item just like a normal order and we will get it out right away.

You might be surprised to find that I am trying to adopt a new attitude and "let go" of a few of my favorites as a gift to you!
(The elves were pushing hard for that one as I asked them for suggestions...yikes!) Stay tuned for all the surprises! 

PLEASE JOIN ME THIS WEEK!! I will repost to Facebook after the LIVE but it's always fun to "see" you and reconnect. Quantities are LIMITED so be sure and check in early and daily.  Wednesday will be the full session but Thursday through the following Wednesday...I promise.... is only 15 minutes max. BRING YOUR COFFEE!!

Happy Holidays, 

Lynn .... and the girls at the "box"
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