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Wednesday Website Workshop


Tomorrow, Feb 3 will mark our NEXT Wednesday Website Workshop!!! Will you be joining me? I really hope so!

In preparing for tomorrow's LIVE I had many lofty ideas that I wanted to present to you and the one I had started to develop I realized was way bigger and wider reaching than I actually had time to take I worried over it. I did not abandon it but decided it deserved that extra time. I will come back to it....SOON! Does that remind you of any of the projects you may have started and for one reason or another put too!

THEN, as I pondered what to do instead I vacillated on what would be the right answer; skip it all together or come up with something a little "lighter". I certainly did not want to skip it so lighter it is! Join me tomorrow and play a bit. You know...sometimes you just need that down and dirty fabric therapy that takes an hour to complete and brings a smile. Things are looking up in 2021! Let's get together in the morning, sip a cup and play!! I've got a few ideas, some sale bundles in honor of the upcoming Holiday, a FREE pattern DOWNLOAD and project links along with a whole new category on the website to share. Hm....did I say lighter? Well, it is actually lighter but still worthwhile. I can guarantee it IS full of color so how can you lose?

LIVE Feb 3, 2021 @ 9:30Am CST on A Different Box of Crayons Facebook page. JOIN ME! Please SHARE the posts on both INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. The more the merrier!


PS Did I mention that all website purchases over $15.00 made in February receive a FREE GIFT!?  YEP! Spreading the L.O.V.E
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