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Pathways Quilt kit

Hello ALL!!!

I am finally picking up the FINAL PRINTING on the PATHWAYS pattern this afternoon! I am SO very very excited to begin to let this newest child of mine literally...out the door! You are receiving this email because you have one coming your way. Thank you. I hope you will be as excited about receiving her as I am in sending her. 

Before I literally package them up and call the USPS fro pick up, however, I thought I should reach out to share with you something that I have been asked several times throughout this introduction. "Can you make Pathways BIGGER? "

She finishes now at 62" x 84"...which is a pretty good size. Initially when asked I thought no, with this setting it would be difficult and still keep the integrity of the pattern. In looking at it harder I realized by adding additional piecing vs just borders you could easily expand the width another 12"! So in response to that and also many asking me to replicate the palette, we put the remaining Pathways fabrics into Fat Quarter Bundles and have posted them on the website along with a PATHWAYS, ADDENDUM. You can take a look at it and DOWNLOAD the insights/directions under PATTERN CORRECTIONS,  PATHWAYS. Go check it out if it's in your thoughts to enlarge your kit. If you decide you would like to add in a FAT QUARTER BUNDLE (also listed on the website) process it through and mark it as IN STORE PICK UP. I will get it into your original kit and therefore avoid any additional shipping charges. I only have about 18 so don't wait too long. I will ship your kits starting Thursday unless I hear otherwise. 

So this is just a HEADS UP before I tell anyone else and a huge THANK YOU! I hope you are all staying safe. I KNOW this kit will keep you warm and bring a smile to your faces. 

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