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BOLSTER: 31 1/2" X 13 1/2"
RUNNER:  17" X 78"

Hexed hexies is a playful little pattern which contains THREE different projects. It began as practice for our current BOM project and quickly acquired a life all its’ own. Who knew English Paper Piecing could be so addictive?! Take heart these patterns are straight forward and the scale of the paper pieces is one which will NOT take over all your free time for the next several years. No, these are large hexagons and 60° diamonds that you will be working with and ALL of the projects will come together fairly quickly. The basic guidelines here on English Paper piecing are just that …guidelines. Our instructions here will give you a basic start but I would encourage you to consider a reference book on English Paper Piecing like Al
l Points Patchwork by Diane Gilleland or spend some time searching YOUtube videos to get more in depth information and hints on technique.

Bundles of vintage Halloween f
abrics are available on the website as well as finishing kits for each of the projects shown here AND the English paper piecing papers. 

Make one or make all three....a bootiful add to any Halloween decor. 

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