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This packet includes our exclusive Marking Guides which we used for Embroidering Snowflake patterns.
Included is a set of clear marking guides,  45 degree and 60 degree, marked at 1/2" intervals to facilitate stitching snowflakes 1" - 4" in diameter, plus
5 Snowflake Embroidery Patterns and an Embroidery Stitch Guide for the 7 basic stitches used

It also includes the pattern for  the Little Flakes Pillow so you can practice your embroidered snowflakes and have a great project to display right away. 

These custom designed marking guides solve the problem of irregular spacing. They aid in making evenly spaced 6 spoke (60 degree)  and 8 spoke (45 degree ) snowflake embroidered images. The instructions walk you through the process and before long you will be building your own patterns and embroidering ALL your Winter Projects with beautiful snowflake images!
Kits are available separately for the Little Flakes Pillow fabrics and the Snowflake Embroidery Threads! 

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