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SIZE:  56" x 60"

Snowflake tumblers is just that, a tumbler quilt with a snowflake theme. Not unlike many of our projects, Snowflake Tumblers is a mix of old and new. It is a one block quilt, a very traditional tumbler or thimble block, executed in seasonal fabrics. Embroidered snowflakes are the added detail or "spin" we bring to the mix. Projects like this beckon the sewist to slow down and enjoy the journey. Along the road with this project I developed the Snowflake Marking Guide to make keeping the snowflake embroidery even and neat. You might consider adding this to your cart with the pattern. Three snowflake embroidery patterns are include in the Snowflake Tumbler Pattern, 5 snowflake embroidery patterns are included in the Marking Guide. Although we don't have the "Sew-In" going on this year to expand the embroidery patterns these 3-8 patterns will get you well on your way to a beautiful blizzard of glistening flakes. 

Add in the Creative Stitch Embroidery Guide by Sue Spargo for added inspiration!
Embroidered Snowflakes add that special touch....

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