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SIZE: 50" X 62" *
*the size can vary depending on the width of the divider and the number of rows. It can easily be increased in size. 

WOVEN literally embodies all things woven. This project weaves together all the components of a quilt design; fabrics, blocks, layout and embroidery stitching. At every level I wanted to express and layer the concept of WOVEN integrated lines. The actual seed for this idea came from Borobora...meaning in Japanese, something that is tattered, ragged or repaired. You most likely will recognize this concept as it has been popularized of late in Boro stitching and its' elevated cousin Sashiko. 

Many of our patterns focus on color and texture, WOVEN focuses on line and the weaving of concepts. That is not to say the pattern is devoid of color interest...not at all. Although it was designed to showcase the BORO WOVENS by Moda Fabrics released in 2019. it quickly became apparent that this pattern had a much larger application. It initially featured the pre-sewn yardage which even now is hard to find in the marketplace. No worries, the pattern contains several options. Execute it using a "cheater" or focus fabric or construct it completely from individual cuts of yardage. Choose 7 fabrics or choose 14.  Play with the dimension of the "divider" fabric. We used a fussy cut polka dot for our ours. The larger the dot, the wider the strip. This one is total PLAY!!! 

Woven textures, woven lines, woven rail fence blocks, woven stitching..... IT IS TRULY WOVEN!!!

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