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Did you ever experience the moment when you just couldn't cut the beautiful fabric in front of you and thought...oh my, how can I feature this yet leave it whole and still make it interesting? Color Play was born as a direct result of such a day. 
Color PLAY, with the emphasis on play, is another of our Eclectics projects but unlike others with diverse textile content, its' focus is more on color and finish than texture and weights of fabrics. The textile types are more limited. The project as kitted, is mostly cotton but it does have silk, two distinct types; silk dupioni and silk matka both textured and flat. 
On this project I started with an amazing print from the Kaffe Collective by Phillip Jacobs, Coleus. It spoke to me! The color palette I developed was drawn from this feature fabric; teal, mint and deep rose. Come play and gain a few insights as to how to manipulate color and finish to create interest and impact. Let's Color PLAY!!

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