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New Projects COMING SOON!!!!

It started with a curated bundle from Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics and expanded into a fabric pic. There was soon a ruler in hand.  Fabrics 
were added and eliminated and soon a project emerged. It would have been interesting to just do repetitive cuts, the fabrics alone were intriguing enough, but I have always wanted to do multiple sizes in a repetitive shape and build on secondary combinations of the same shape. Hence, HIDDEN was born. The fabrics are hot, the warm vs cool unexpected. This new "crayon" will shine and vibrate all at the same time. Easy construction. NO Y Seams! Can't wait to get this one out. 

The project is sewn. The top is quilted. The quilt is bound. The pattern still needs writing and we still need to get the Cherrywoods in house and then the kitting can begin. Soon.....very soon!

She won't be HIDDEN very much longer!

The fabric speaks.....color speaks! LOUDLY!!!! When I first saw these large scale focus fabrics now featured in this new project I was breathless. When they arrived and I started to play I was in love. These beautiful prints by Australian designer Denise Burkitt from her Fancifree Collection for Free Spirit Fabrics are incredible. Inspired by her land, combined with her painterly style, full of motion and texture I knew I had to let them stand proudly on their own, to find their own path.... and they did. 

I knew the cuts had to be large but there had to be craft in it too. The core palette is only the beginning. The fabric and those whom have come to play with it have set their own paths and they are divergent...just like the land they have sprung from.  I just need another day or two of focused "sew time" to have it completely pieced. This one may beat out the others to the shop floor.

Once the design direction was set I went back immediately to Free Spirit and bought EVERYTHING they had left of this luscious Honey Locust yellow print! To be honest is was kind of an empowering feeling to boldly say...
"I'll take it ALL!"   I can't wait to share!!


Ikat linen and a new block construction I actually made up!  The pieced blocks started life with one idea in mind and I quickly realized that didn't do what I wanted. I just played with them and tweaked and played with it some more until I really liked it and had a completely new block construction that this project will surely only be the FIRST time it's used. Add to that a wee bit of Foundation Paper Piecing for the glowing silk dupioni Shattered bits makes this one a fun relatively quick project to put together. Add a bit of Kantha/Big Stitch/Boro Stitching to the Ikat section and you have a project that will delight all your adventurous  and tactile senses. 

The WARM version of this throw sized quilt top, shown here,  is complete but there is a COOL version in the works. Mixed textiles, easy construction and resonating color.......a true Eclectics project. 

I am so anxious to get this one in your hands. Another new crayon in our box!
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